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The Making Of A Dress

Any type of artful endeavor requires discipline and problem solving skills. One must evaluate the process to achieve success. In this two part "tour de force" couture sewing journey, we invite you to follow along. You might learn a thing or two...

Drape The Toile

As usual, we begin by developing a #toile on our dress form. Once we are satisfied with the fit, we can proceed to use the pieces for our patterns.

The Patterns

Here are the basic #patterns from the toile that was draped on the dress form. It is composed of several pieces that make up the entire garment. There are about 40 in total.

Skirt Patterns

Bodice Patterns

Printing On Silk

Let us back track for a moment. Usually picking the fabric is done in the early stages of the design. The fabric presented here is 100% silk georgette in three colors: coral, pink, and geometric print. The printed one, had to be done in our studio, since finding exactly what we wanted was impossible.

Silk takes dyes beautifully. The colors are vivid, well saturated, and easy to apply. The challenge with #silk #printing is to make sure they are colorfast. The best way to accomplish this, is by steaming the silk for hours, rolled between newsprint sheets, and enclosed in a cocoon of aluminum foil.

Because the geometric shapes are well defined, we have to use what is called a "resist", in this case water based gutta was used. The entire process is illustrated below.

The above process is not truly professional, but rather homemade. There are better, and more expensive ways of accomplishing this task, but for a one time deal, the homemade version did just fine.

The Printed Silk



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