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Pearl Embellished Velvet Headband

Updated: May 2, 2019

Making your own #headband wrapped in plush velvet and adorned with pearls, has never been easier.

Headband Viewed from Different Angels

Materials and Tools:

- Velvet/Velveteen fabric.

- Needle & Thread.

- Faux Pearls.

- Bias tape.

- Foam.

- Glue.

- Plastic Band.

The plastic band will serve as a base for this project. The width if the band is optional.

Measure the band, and make a paper template from it. Cut the foam with very sharp scissors to the size of your template. Leave a little extra room on each end of the foam.

Next, cut your #velvet fabric in a rectangle leaving a one inch seam allowance all the way around the template.

Template, Foam, and Fabric

Your template should be equally divided from the center for the number of pearls you plan to embroider. Transfer the pattern, with the marks onto the back of your velvet fabric. Use a medium thickness embroidery waxed thread to sew the pearls with a running stitch.

The next step is to glue the foam onto the plastic band (base), followed by the trickiest part, gluing the fabric on top of the foam. Carefully glue the fabric by aligning the center, and the edges. Take good care not to smear a single drop of glue on the visible side of the fabric or the faux pearls.

Because any time you are wrapping any material around a curve, notching the edges is a must in order to obtain a smooth finish w/o any bumps or irregularities.

We can now carefully cover the underside with a piece of bias tape binding. Once we have adhere the tape, both ends must to be sewn to the velvet fabric making sure to miter the corners. This will close the headband in a neat and smooth manner.

Check out the final outcome:

Wear it with swept back hair to add a touch of regality to your look.


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