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Upholstering Light Version (3)

On this project we'll use a different technique from the last two chairs.

Materials needed:

* Fabric

* Decorative tacks

* Tack hammer

* Tack strip

* Space & Set tool

* Strong fingers

* Polyester fiber filler

* Spray adhesive

We start by carefully taking off the old fabric from the chair. Here's what was underneath:

Since the previous fabric was attached too far towards the wood edge, we fixed the holes with (wood) filler, sanded, and re-stained the areas.

Next, is the filler. How much to add, and what kind?

We decided to do a polyester fiber adding a little extra in the area called the "crown":

The fabric has been cut to size with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, and zig-zag stitched to avoid fraying.

All tools should be ready to start attaching the fabric with decorative tacks. In order to have a sharp clean edge, a tack strip can be glued with spray adhesive to the fabric underside.

Start hammering the tacks from the center outwards. The tack spacer can be useful, but not always necessary. If you are worried about your fingernails breaking, this is not the project for you... Sorry!

Underside of fabric with tack strip glued to it.

Take a look and assess your progress. Adjust any tacks, making sure they are evenly spaced, and make sure the "crown" (raised middle area of filler) is even from all angles.

The rest is self explanatory... just keep hammering those tacks until you reach the end.

Here it is:


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