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Velvet Holiday Dress

Red Velvet Dress for The Holiday Season

There is nothing like the luxurious feel and richness of #velvet. That nap that shimmers in the light beckons you like a moth to the flame. But watch out, this is a challenging 100 percent cotton velvet fabric. It can easily turn into tears that might make you swear to "never do it again"!

We begin with the draping of the toile on the dress form. We then develop the pattern pieces, followed by a few fittings for adjustments.

The Pattern Pieces on the Fashion Fabric

The velvet fabric makes it a little trickier to handle requiring careful handling when pinning and sewing. Usually velvets and velveteens follow a very flowy and drapy design, but in this particular case, there are several seams. This unconventional #design represents a problem: The garment requires interfacing in some areas in order to hold its shape. The kind of interfacing allowed for any fabric with a nap is sewn-in. Sometimes, you might be able to use a fusible interfacing, but you have to test it first on a scrap of the same fabric.

The finished dress

The "Peek a Boo" Key Hole Adds a Little Sexiness

The Bell Shape Back

Yes It Has Pockets, Hurray !

Accessory: A Cute Rhinestones Clutch

Although velvet is a difficult fabric to sew and a high maintenance one to wear and clean, it is perfect for the holidays. That's all folks!... Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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