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Upholstering Light Version (2)

... A simple stool transformation that all it requires is a little planning, and some simple materials.


* Thick Fabric/Upholstery Fabric

* Curved Needles

* Ornate Trim

* Stapler gun

* Hammer

* Thread

This particular trim came from one of those very ornate drapes. The drapes were unsuitable for the style of the house, but the trim was in excellent condition, and it looked great. Any chance you get, please re-purpose materials, specially if they are in great condition. See below:

This is the chair/stool before:

The style of the stool is conducive for such a classic trim. But the choice in fabric is crucial, since we do not want to make this chair look like it belongs in a museum. Here is a rich fabric with a whimsical design:

We remove the cushion from the legs. Measure the area around it, and cut the new fabric so we can wrap it all the way to the underside. Begin stapling the fabric the same way as if stretching a canvas for painting. Start at the center on all sides and work your way towards the corners.

Reattach the cushion back on the legs, and it should look like this:

You can consider leaving the stool w/o any trim. But we prefer giving this stool something a little extra.

Take the trim, and pin it all the way around the cushion's circumference. The tassels should not go lower than the edge of the side rail (also called the apron). Once we have the exact circumference, proceed to sew the ends of the trim together. Carefully adjust everything, making sure to be satisfied with its placement. Take your curved needles and sew a slip stitch all the way around.

The stool finished:

Next, we'll upholster a rocking chair with decorative tacks.


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